Local Addenda Classes

If a student's selection does not fit the criteria for any of the classes listed in the Provincial Syllabus, an addenda class may be created at the local level.  Addenda classes will be created if an exhaustive search of the Syllabus does not turn up a relevant class in which the student could enter. We follow age divisions laid out by the Alberta Music Festival Association, so classes will not be created for ages falling within a class age bracket already existing. We want our festival to be inclusive and allow for everyone to have a chance to perform! As these are Local classes only, and as such, not provincially eligible, we have freedom to make our own guidelines. So, if you're not sure if your child can perform in one of the listed classes - tell your teacher to request an Addenda class, and we'll find a place for them. All classes may be accompanied.


Reminder - these are LOCAL classes only - not eligible for recommendation to Provincials.

ADREC     Adult Recital Class (3 selections 29 & over)

ADLT1      Adult Extension (Disabilities - 29 & over)

ASREC     Art Song Recital Class for Adults (3 selections 29 & over)

ADMT       Adult Musical Theatre Solo (29 & over)

ADCOM   Adult Composition Class

ADPN     Adult Piano Solo (1 selection 29 & over)

ADVC     Adult Vocal Solo (1 selection 29 & over)

​ENFAM      Family Ensemble (Open)

MTFAM     Family Musical Theatre (Open)

PVCON    Popular Vocal Concert (Open)

SP001     Contemporary Monologue (6 & under)

SP002     Contemporary Monologue (8 & under)

SP003     Contemporary Monologue (10 & under)

SP004     Contemporary Monologue (12 & under)

SP005     Contemporary Monologue (14 & under)

SP006     Contemporary Monologue (16 & under)

SP007     Contemporary Monologue (18 & under)

NA12U     National Anthem (12 & under)

NA13O     National Anthem (13 & over)

GWKSP    Guitar Workshop (Open)

GACRP    Guitar Acoustic Rock & Pop (Open)

GELRP     Guitar Electric Rock & Pop (Open)

GACDT     Guitar Acoustic Duet (Open)

GUIVO-ENS     Guitar Folk with Vocal (ensemble, 1 selection)

 GUIVO-SOL     Guitar Folk with Vocal (solo, 1 selection)

35900L    String Ensemble 2 performer (2 selections, may be accompanied)

35810P    Special Study - Less than 1 year of Lessons (designed for older students)

PRCON   Piano Concert Class - Pre Grade 1 (2 or more pieces, same period)

PRREC    Piano Recital Class - Pre Grade 1 (3 pieces, different periods)