New Classes!

  • Posted on: Tue, 11/02/2021 - 09:39
  • By: delynne

Beginner Strings
This exciting new class will allow beginner string players to participate in Festival for adjudication and awards in a supportive environment of their peers. Up to three pieces may be performed for the same fee as an individual entry. Pieces do not need to be memorized and accompaniment is optional, although of course both are encouraged as a learning experience! Class #00010

Beth Nickel Memorial Scholarship Class
Open to all instrumentalists ages 13 and up (brass, woodwinds, strings, piano). Performers must play three contrasting pieces. At least two pieces should be from different musical eras, and all three should showcase different aspects of the performer’s abilities. There will be a 20 minute time limit for the total performance (performers will play all three selections back to back). The fee is the same as a Recital Class ($40). Each individual piece will also be noted as a syllabus class number, in order for the pieces to be used in the case of a provincial recommendation. All selections should be played from memory. This class will be adjudicated by a panel of adjudicators from the disciplines in which we have entries. The class winner will receive the $250 Beth Nickel Memorial Award. Class #00011