FCMF Decision

  • Posted on: Tue, 10/23/2018 - 14:30
  • By: delynne
As of October 20, 2018, Alberta is no longer a member of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals, which is our National organization, and contains the Provincial/National class streams. This was a unanimous decision by all delegates attending the AMFA conference (with one abstention), and members felt, after a full day of discussions, that this decision was both wise and necessary. Please see the attached letter from our AMFA President, which outlines details of this decision. 
Oct. 22/18 
Dear AMFA Members and Festival Participants, 
It is with some sadness that I have to report that, at the 2018 AMFA General Meeting, Alberta voted to leave the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals (FCMF) immediately.  The vote was unanimous with one abstention.  Each year, it costs our Festivals about $40,000 to send participants and delegates to the National Festival.  There are usually 6-10 participants and 4 delegates who attend. 
As you recognize this is a lot of money; and, it is money from your festivals and participants.  Over the past two years, the FCMF has displayed a significant lack of fiscal responsibility, questionable governance and has clearly shown a lack of transparency.  We felt it best to leave;  although we have tried, we don’t seem to be able to change things. 
The week before our AGM, British Columbia voted to leave as well and, for the same reasons. 
The result of this is that there are no Provincial National Classes in Alberta.  However, in their place for this year, we have instituted ALBERTA EXCELLENCE CLASSES in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Musical Theatre, Percussion, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Chamber Music and Speech.  Speech was never a part of the FCMF and, we are very happy to add it.  Each Alberta Festival can have one person in each class and, the prize for each class is $1000.00.  These competitions will take place at the Alberta Provincial Music Festival; the criteria for each class is outlined under ALBERTA EXCELLENCE CLASSES in you PROVINCIAL SYLLABUS. 
Choirs will also have ALBERTA EXCELLENCE CLASSES that reflect the same classes that were in the National Syllabus (ie. 19 and Under).  The criteria for those classes remain the same as in the past.  These will continue to be recorded competitions, at least for this year.  The prize for each ALBERTA EXCELLENCE CHOIR CLASS is $1000.00. 
Following this Festival, we hope to be able to join with BC and any other province who has chosen to leave FCMF and form either a Western Festival, or a new Canadian Festival. 
This was a hard decision to make but, we felt that the money currently being sent to the FCMF could be better used to support our young artists and choirs in Alberta. 
Most sincerely, 
E. (Beth) Cook
President AMFA