Congratulations to the following performers for their 2019 Alberta Music Festival Association Provincial Festival results!

Guiciola Trio: Soren Lorentzen (viola), Laec Lorentzen (cello), Rhys Parks (guitar) - FIRST PLACE, Senior Chamber
Soren Lorentzen - FIRST PLACE, Senior Viola... read more

The following performers have been recommended to the 2019 Alberta Music Festival Association Provincials Festival to be held at the end of May in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Grades 1/3  - St. Louis
Grades 4/6  - St. Michael's
Junior High - St. Mary's... read more

Congratulations to the following performers, who have been recommended to the Rose Bowl (held on March 15 at 7 in the College Theatre):
CHORAL - Medicine Hat College Girls Choir
VOCAL - Loni Nickel
SPEECH - Debasri Jena
PIANO - Josie Hoffarth
MUSICAL THEATRE -... read more

We are so excited to be able to introduce our first ever Student Mentorship Team! The following long-time Festival performers have made themselves available to new or not-so-new Festival participants, who may just need a little extra... read more

Please follow the "Schedule" tab on the top right to see our complete program. We invite the community to attend any of our sessions free of charge - our kids have worked hard and you'll find some of the best performances in the city among these. Hope to see you there!

Our 2018 Fall Newsletter is now available. Read up on all the updates to Local Festival policies, and changes of note in the 2019 AMFA Syllabus. 

As of October 20, 2018, Alberta is no longer a member of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals, which is our National organization, and contains the Provincial/National class streams. This was a unanimous decision by all delegates attending the AMFA conference (with one abstention), and... read more

Congratulations to 2018 Rose Bowl Winner, Soren Lorentzen (Viola), and to our Runner Up, Jessica Schnell (Musical Theatre).

Our fall newsletter is now available on-line! This issue is full of important updates and information you'll want to have. Download it here or under the "News" tab.