We are pleased to announce the debut of a new Award for Festival 2019. These (five) awards are open to all ages (exception: Adult classes) across the disciplines, and the way students will qualify for consideration is by demonstrating positive Sportsmanship, Attitude, and Effort (thus named SEA Awards). We want to recognize those of our performers who have cared more about working hard and making music than about winning, those who know how to lose with dignity and win with grace. Because, most assuredly, being "first" today means much, much less than the journey to tomorrow. Teachers may nominate deserving students, and awards will be selected by an anonymous panel, from the nominations. 

Teacher Nomination Form - SEA Award

Recommended to Provincials? A photographer is onsite and will be taking photographs of the various performers in each discipline. If you want to see your photo, please fill out this form! Your photo will not be used if you have not filled out this form prior to Provincials.

AMFA Photo Release Form