Marking System

In all competitive classes, a mark of at least 80% must be achieved to obtain a First Place Certificate.  This policy will be used especially in the case where there is only one competitor in a class.

Marks and Certificates will be awarded on a TOTAL performance and not on a single selection where applicable.

Once a session is concluded, no one may make changes to the marks, including the adjudicator.

PLEASE NOTE "EXCEPTION" BELOW TO THE FOLLOWING EXPLANATION.  All performers in every discipline will receive a mark.  However, for solo performers aged 12 and under, and/or Grade Level 4 & under in Piano Plan II, the mark will not be shared with the performer, teacher, parent, or any member of the public.  12 & under, or Piano Plan II Grade Level 4 and under solo performer marks will only be placed on the internal marking sheet to be used by the Festival office in consultation with adjudicators, for the purpose of determining award winners.  The 12 & under and Piano Plan II Grade Level 4 and under classes will, therefore, have no first and second place winners announced in the performance room.  Participants 12 and under and Piano Plan II Grade Level 4 and under participants will remain eligible for local awards and provincial recommendations.  For performers over the age of 12 all classes will continue to be competitive and numerical marks will be provided as usual.

EXCEPTION:  Brass/Woodwind performers at Grade Level 2 or above WILL be treated as age 13 and over, and therefore will receive their marks.